Thursday, June 23, 2011


I just had the best sandwich ever! Every time I've made a variation of this, I just can't get over how amazing a sandwich can taste! It's savory, and crunchy, and creamy, and nutty, sweet and salty, with a touch of acidity... Oh you must make this now!

chicken sandwich with brie, walnuts and peaches
makes one sandwich

Salt and pepper one small chicken breast, and cook it in a small skillet lightly coated with olive oil. Let cool a bit, then slice.

Spruce up store bought mayo with a bit of garlic powder and lemon juice, until it tastes just right to you. Slice up a peach, or whatever ripe fruit that you have on hand (pears are awesome too, I've made this with plums...). Gather lettuce or some kind of greenery from the garden. Tear up some brie in smallish pieces (I've given up on trying to slice that cleanly). Get some walnuts out of the pantry, and some honey.

Toast your choice of bread, be it a bagel, or a ciabatta, and rub it with the cut side of half a clove of garlic.

Spread generously with mayo, and top with brie, walnuts, fruit, chicken, honey and lettuce...

... and enjoy.

The only thing I regret is the bread. An ordinary bagel is so not worthy of this sandwich. It's just not good enough. A nice ciabatta would have been perfect, but I wasn't planning on making this sandwich. I was cooking some chicken breasts to feed the baby, and realized that I had all the components on hand to make this happen. So the bagel was just going to have to do! And it did. But next time... ciabatta!


  1. am definitely going to try this with ciabatta! wonder how it would do in a panini press. thanks for this!!

  2. Oh wow! I have just eaten or I would be putting this sandwich together now-I think I have all the ingredients weirdly-nectarines would do instead of peaches. Thanks I shall remember this!


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